At least once a week I am asked “Should I use White or Biscuit for my sink, tub and commode?”  More often than not my answer is white.  White is safe.  White is timeless.  White does not draw attention.  White will be available in the years to come if you need to replace one fixture.  White is an easy choice.
4. green speckled round x2
However, there is so much more to choose from when you are Resisting the Ordinary.  Consider this beautiful handmade vessel sink, there was only one of these made, so you might want this handcrafted piece to be the focal point of your bathroom.  Or, Kohler offers colors like Cashmere, Mexican Sand and Black,  just to name a few.  American Standard also offers Linen and Bone.  Choosing a color will bring attention to that item and the items surrounding it.  So before you settle on white or biscuit consider stepping outside your comfort zone and choosing a color that makes you smile.
If you choose a copper tub like the one pictured here, you can pair Copper Tubit with a copper sink and neutral commode.  Or add a stoneware sink that has an organic feel.  The combinations are endless with a beautiful tub like this.
Decorated CommodeAnd, believe it or not we can order commodes in patterns.   Beautiful patterns!  They can be hand painted to coordinate with your design plan.  Hand painted commodes almost always come with a coordinating sink creating a beautiful and unique addition to your bathroom.  Imagine your friends response if they walked in to your powder room and saw this fantastic commode!
Commodes are also available with custom features. They can have a heated seat, automatic close feature and can be lit in various colors!
All this being said, before you choose one of these extraordinary pieces, be sure you work through all the other choices in the room.  Your home should be a reflection of yourself, not your neighbor, so have fun choosing and Resist the Ordinary!

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