Did you know there are many, family owned, artist driven, handmade in the USA Tile Studios? There are and we LOVE them!! Why choose handmade? Simply put, handmade tile has good mo-jo. These artists have chosen to live their passion, they spend their days molding, pressing and carving clay, testing glazes and designing.

Who doesn’t love shopping at a local market, meeting an artist and selecting just the right art piece for your home? Selecting handmade art tile is much like that experience, and while you don’t actually get to meet the tile artist at Tile Sensations, you can definitely get a feel for each artist when picking up each piece. You can feel the love that is put into art tile and you can definitely see the artists personality. Some are solo studios, some have teams that help them. To a tile artist, work is play.

A handmade tile artist wants you to have exactly what you want, they get joy knowing that a client has commissioned them to be a part of their project. Whether you choose vibrant colors, modern styles or a hand pressed subway tile your handmade tile selection will bring a warmth and charm to your space. Art Tile is Art, with a bit of Science added in.

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