I just read a text from a client that has helped reinforce a design decision I made earlier today.  The text read “Hi, Jennifer, I wasn’t sure if I sent you a picture of my finished fireplace.  Surely worth the wait and the addition of more textured tiles. Andres is a magician!  Really love the outcome and wanted to say thanks so much for all your help!”

In this case the handmade tile ordered had a 5 week lead time.  For a client hoping to finish the project in a few weeks, this was the first project delay.  The selected installer had a scheduled vacation to Europe.  This was the second delay for the clients schedule.  Lastly, when the tile arrived it didn’t have as much texture as we hoped, so we ordered more tile, another 5 weeks, Yikes!  It was well worth the wait.  The fireplace is beautiful.

Tile Sensations Concrete Tile Fireplace Installation

In addition to the tile installation, we recessed the area for the TV and Glennie had a custom mantle made.  Glennie now has a fireplace that balances well with the beautiful furniture pieces in her home.  It is a focal point, yet does not over power the room.  And… It was worth the wait.

Good design cannot always be accomplished in the time we hope. Great design takes thoughtful planning and patience when things aren’t quite on schedule.  So take your time, make thoughtful choices and try not to be frustrated when things are a bit behind schedule.

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photos courtesy of the homeowner