While the installers listed below are not direct employees of Tile Sensations, we regard them highly in both quality of work and dedication to the most up to date installation products. We are available to coordinate one of these installers for you* or you are free to contact them yourself. For more information please ask your sales representative/designer or email info@tilesensations.net

The Cutting Edge – Ben Colby: 865.243.6684  (thecuttingedgetis@yahoo.com)

VIP Flooring – Vitale Plamadeala: 865.335.6286

Bells Investors LLC – Andres Mesa: 865.978.8388  (bellsinvestors2012@gmail.com)

Damon Battles Tile Company  –  865.414.4311   (damonbattles@me.com)

Unique Home Customs – Sean Burnett: 865.455.7281   (uniquehomecustoms@gmail.com)

As always, when choosing an installer, we recommend that you ask your friends and/or relatives for the name of an installer that they have been happy with. In the event you do not have a referenced tile installer we have provided the list above. A tile installers name being included on this list is not to be construed as a recommendation by Tile Sensations or any of Tile Sensations employees. It is the homeowner/builder’s responsibility to check references and compare pricing for their individual installation.

*hourly coordination charges may apply

Quilt-dwWe are genuinely convinced that the charm of handmade tile comes from the minor imperfections and blemishes. The imperfections make each piece different. Taken individually, these blemishes may seem intolerable, but when installed as a whole, this is precisely what will give extra soul to the overall appearance; a quality comparable to that left by the wear of time on ancient materials.

  • Items that can contribute to the uniqueness of each tile. (which we think is a good thing)
  • Were the tiles glazed or painted by 2 or more different artists?
  • What was the location of tile within the kiln?
  • Different kiln locations result in a difference in heat, shrinkage and color variation.
  • Were the tiles extruded, hand-cut or molded?

Art tile is art, with a bit of science mixed in, so please expect these unique qualities when your order arrives.

One of the first things to do when shopping for tile is to find out the size of the area you need to cover. In the United States, tile is usually sold by the square foot, so that is the unit of measure we’ll use in this example.

  • Start by drawing a sketch of the area you want to tile. The sketch does not need to be detailed, a basic outline is all you need.
  • Divide your sketch into rectangular shapes (as few as possible). This is represented in the example below by a dotted line.
  • Measure the length (L) and height (H) of each rectangle your sketch is divided into.
  • Calculate the area of each rectangle by multiplying the length times the height (L x H).
  • Divide the result by 144 to convert it from square inches to square feet.
  • Now add up all of your rectangles to find the total square foot coverage area for your project. Reference the illustration below:


Porcelain tiles are harder and denser than regular ceramic tiles. The clay used in making porcelain tiles is more refined and fired at a much higher temperature, allowing porcelain tiles to be made in very large formats that would be impossible to achieve in traditional ceramic tiles. Porcelain is also less prone to absorbing moisture, and is superior in performance with respect to stain resistance. Porcelain is up to six times more frost resistant, making it less likely to crack in cold weather, and therefore preferable in exterior applications. Porcelain also has superior chip resistance making it stronger and more durable in most cases than granite. Because of these advantages, porcelain tiles tend to be more expensive than regular ceramic tiles.
Tile Sensations believes that the best way to purchase tile is from our tile showroom. If you are not in the Knoxville area, we still want to give you personal service. We are easily able to complete projects out of state, we have completed projects in Missouri, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, New York and California, to name a few. Please feel free to call for more information on how we can help with your project.

One reason we prefer not to choose solely from online images is that online images are far removed from the actual look of the tile. Texture does not translate well to the flat image you see on your screen, and color can vary widely depending on the correctness of the photograph, as well as the calibration of the computer monitor. That’s two levels of separation from the actual product.

Buying tile is a complicated process. Having access to an expert showroom staff who can offer support and guidance is invaluable. Our focus is your complete satisfaction and we believe that selling to you strictly online would remove the personal approach that we are known for!

If you are unable to reach our showroom, please call 865-329-3290 and ask if there is a Tile Sensations dealer near you!