Lucillle BallAccording to the Urban Dictionary a “Square” is boring.  So just to set the record straight.  We Are Not Square.  If you have been to Tile Sensations, you know that first hand.  If you haven’t visited or called yet, you should know that not only are our personalities not square, our design style isn’t square either.

Years ago when, a design degree was unheard of, design information and pictures were not so easily found and many people relied on their own instincts to create their space.  If they didn’t have confidence in their own choices they would involve family members or friends to help choose just the right sofa or dining set.  In the world of tile there weren’t many readily available options to choose from. Pink and Blue Bath

In the US you may remember the era of the Pink or Blue bathroom tile.  Just about everyone during that time frame picked one of these colors because it was the hip thing to do.  Here and there you might find a yellow or green bathroom, but the pink and blue were predominant.  Tile was definitely the product of choice for ease of care and the clean look it provided both in the kitchen and bathroom.  The choices were limited, so many people had duplicate bathrooms, often neatly coordinated with the sink, tub and commode in the same color as the tile.   If I run across one of these bathrooms today, they make me smile.  The bold colors, usually paired with a fantastic wallpaper was, in its day, true style.

Today our choices in design are practically unlimited.  With top notch designers leading the way we can create a space with any feel we want.
Do you love the look of homes in Bali ? You can have that!  Or do you like a Hacienda style??  You can have that too! Or any style for that matter.  Your influence might be Asian or Adirondack or. . . ?southwestern-bathroom

There Bali Bathroomis no reason to not design your home in a style that you enjoy.  In fact, if you want different styles throughout your home, we will just call you Eclectic.

Rather than Pink or Blue 4″ x 4″ tile, today’s common tile of choice is the 3″ x 6″ Subway tile.  Subway tile sales in the US have skyrocketed in the last few years.  There will likely be a time, years from now, when many bathrooms and backsplashes tiled with subway tile are pinpointed to the 2010’s.  The subway tile, which is not square, is a nice choice for many homes.  But with all the fantastic options available is subway tile right for your home? A better question might be, is it right for your personality?

Before jumping on the subway tile bandwagon ask yourself a few questions.  Is it my favorite color?  Will I smile every time I walk in the room?  Will I be glad I chose it?  Does it reflect my personality?  Will it be money well spent? Gray QuoteIf the answers are yes, go for it.  If the answer is no or maybe, DON’T SETTLE!  It is time to explore the options.  There are so many to choose from! Stop by or call Tile Sensations soon for ideas.  Our staff, who are not square, would LOVE to help you on your way to a space that is truly yours.

It is time to step out of the box. . .  Don’t be square.

Jennifer – Tile and Design Addict

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