2018? Seriously? Where does the time go?
At Tile Sensations, 2017 flew past with amazing speed.  I am sure part of the reason it passed so quickly, was how busy we were.  The staff at Tile Sensations is grateful for our clients, both the longtime repeat customers and those who gave us a first chance this year.

We stayed busy working on bathrooms, kitchens and fireplaces.  Wet bars, laundry rooms and dog showers.  We worked on Handmade in the USA Custom Backsplashresidential and commercial projects.  If you drove past our showroom on Sutherland Avenue after hours, you likely saw the lights on and our team working late into the night.  We worked and we worked, loving every moment of it!

Additions to Tile Sensations in 2017 include wallpaper and late, til 7pm, Thursday hours.  Wallpaper is back, as you probably already know, so we have added wallpaper lines not available in big box stores or online.  Resist the Ordinary!

In January 2017, The Design Team at Tile Sensations, began taking on Interior Design projects.  What fun this has been!  We have worked on homes in Farragut, Bearden, Fountain City, Old North Knoxville and Downtown, as well as, businesses needing freshen ups!  We spent much of 2017 on relationships with trusted installers, plumbers, electricians, cabinet companies and more, making Tile Sensations your one stop shop.

Kitchen 919

Kitchen 919

The Design Team at Tile Sensations closed out 2017 working on the interiors for Kitchen 919 in the Orangery Village on Homberg.  Kitchen 919 is a must try.  Both for the fantastic local, seasonal food and for the ambiance.  The service is fantastic and the food delicious.  I personally recommend the Porcini Dusted Filet Mignon and the Misoyaki Glazed Butterfish, if you prefer the recommendation of Brooks Clark and Cityview Magazine just click here.  After you visit, let us know what you think of the interior selections, be sure to note the lighting in the main dining room and the photo wall and ceiling in the bar.  It was all fun to pick!

We are available to work with our clients from conception to completion of the project, Tile Projects, of course, and now Interior Design Projects too.  Or we can just come up with a design concept and let the homeowner takes the reins from there. You choose. We are here and ready to help.

2018! Bring it on we are ready!

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