I was in a meeting today where we debated the word compromise.  Is it a negative word?  Should I use it in a Kitchen and Bath presentation? Would it be perceived by the audience in the manner in which it is intended?  I stuck to my guns and decided to leave it in the presentation.

In Interior Design, compromise is part of our every day decisions.  Our client might compromise with his or her spouse to come to an agreement on the tile selected or the paint color.  A contractor might compromise with a subcontractor because they find something unexpected after demolition.  Or. . .  a designer might compromise with their client to stay in the desired budget.  I assure you there are compromises on every job-site from here to California.

I challenge you to find the compromise in each of the following pictures.  I am pretty sure you won’t find them, because well thought out compromises won’t make your project less appealing in the end.  In most cases you will forget you made them.

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