No doubt if you are in the market for new tile you have spent numerous hours on Houzz and Pinterest. You likely have a style in mind, you may have even seen the tile of your dreams.  Often, when clients first enter our showroom they make a beeline to the area with tiles similar to what they have seen online.  Then they begin to notice other styles and types of tile they had not considered before. It can feel overwhelming!

So… where to start? First, have an open mind and ask yourself a few questions.  How long have you dreamed about that inspiration tile?  Does it fit the style of your home?  Does it fit you?  Does it fit in your budget?  If the answers are yes, then don’t drive yourself crazy, just pick your favorite and go with it!  You will LOVE it!


If the doubts continue to creep in your mind, maybe it is time to ask for help.  Show us your pictures, pictures of the space and pictures of the exterior of your home.  Even better, show us a picture of your favorite room or nook in your home.   We love advising homeowners on tile selections.  We can answer the questions you have about care and suitability for your space.  Is this too modern for my home?  Is the tile too big for my area?  Should I use Natural Stone, Porcelain or Ceramic?  Is this Floor Rated?  And all the other questions you have about the selecting process.  Of course if you would like help with the entire selection process, cabinets, lighting, and more, we can help with that too.  The Design Team at Tile Sensations is ready to help you figure it all out.

Our goal is to help you choose products you will be happy with for decades.  There is nothing better than running into a client who purchased at Tile Sensations 10+ years ago and hear them say “I STILL Love it!!”

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