So. . .  you are ready to start a project. That’s great! I LOVE PROJECTS!

I assume you have pinned to your hearts content and have studied Houzz photos into the wee hours of the morning.  But now it is time to decide, to actually decide, what your project style will be.  How do you start making decisions?

The first question is:  “Who is this project for?”   You will find design decisions are much simpler once you decide who you are doing this project for.  Is this a project for you?  for resale?   is this a rental?

You:  This is my favorite type of project to work on.  When the remodel or new build is designed to make you smile, decisions should come a bit easier.  Think about your favorite spaces.  What do you like about them?  What don’t you like about that same space?  Whatever that favorite space is, use it as a muse.  Now I am not saying you should duplicate your favorite space, I am just saying that the properties that make you like that space can be repeated.  Is that space well lit or is dark and cozy?  Have you filled that space with color and art?  Or is it a space with minimal distractions.  The answers to each of these questions will lead you down the path towards a space that is pleasing to you.

Resale:  One statement that I strongly disagree with is “When designing for resale make everything neutral”.  When I design for resale I want my space to be different.  If I choose similar finishes to all other houses on the market why would this one stand out?  Most importantly I ask myself, who will buy this house?  Then I design for that demographic.  Will a young couple just starting a family buy it?  If so, choose more trendy colors.  Is this a weekend getaway for a boomer couple?  Then choose finishes that are obviously not a trend, but that exude quality.

Rental:  Finishes for rentals need to be, first and foremost, serviceable.  But serviceable does not need to be boring.  Of course in a rental you need to think about who is renting?  Would upscale finishes allow you to increase the daily price of your AirBnb?   If your rental is in a lower price bracket, why shouldn’t the finishes be unique? Unique does not always equate to expensive.  Remember renters will stay longer in a unit that is well taken care of, with updated features.

Now I guess it is time for more pinning. . . and remember “why choose ordinary”?   You or your space shouldn’t be ordinary or expected.

Jennifer – #tileanddesignaddict

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